Firm Profile

architecture studio LLC, led by principal Troy Moser and COO Brent Cajthaml, is a full service architecture and entitlement firm dedicated to the process of translating design and intent to constructed reality.

At the heart of it, our work and focus is to our client, and their need for expertise, production and coordination management when dealing with the unique challenges of building in Las Vegas – the epitome of the spectacular and the ever-changing transient pulse of tourism and entertainment. Commercial hospitality has evolved into our specialty, and we are proud of the many clients that we serve, along with the presence of our work and dedication in the numerous projects that dot the Las Vegas Strip.

Much of our success is attributed to the understanding that fostering quality relationships and respecting the knowledge of every person we collaborate with on a given project, is a fundamental aspect of the process.  Our firm’s positive reputation has helped build a supportive network of relationships with clients, properties, consultants, contractors and building officials.